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Supporting creation

Le Cube supports projects led by professional artists. In particular, it specialises in “real-time” technologies: virtual reality, motion capture, generative and behavioural systems, etc.

Every branch of the arts is featured, including the visual arts, performing arts, cinema, literature and music. 
Le Cube is involved, for instance, in digital creation at its various levels: from the artist’s approach to technical experimentation, from prospective thinking to project completion, from production to dissemination.

Le Cube supports artists in the creation of their works. For its Creation Workshop, it has developed a technical hub which includes video game (real-time systems and artificial intelligence), mobility and network technologies. It provides artists with an opportunity to explore new forms of digital expression, particularly in the field of behavioural works, i.e. “Living Art”.

Le Cube leads dissemination initiatives, exploring new ways of relating to the public, participative uses of digital technology, as well as representation and interaction systems.
It contributes to the dissemination of works – supported by or produced in the Creation Workshop – through programming advice and operational support. This activity is also carried out at an international level.
(See "International initiatives")


The Arcane programme comprises a range of talks & discussions, conferences, seminars and training courses, catering for professionals and artists.
(See "Arcane")

How to take part in the Creation Workshop
For access to the Workshop, a project first has to be submitted. A discussion with the artist helps determine whether the project is feasible and what grant should be allocated.
Artists who need to get a clearer picture of the branch of creation focused on in the Workshop are advised to start by attending the Living Art introductory seminar, which is part of the Arcane programme.
(See "Living Art seminar")

How the Workshop supports creation
Depending on the content of the project and how many people the Workshop can cater for, two kinds of support are available :
Le Cube and the artist co-produce the project, each injecting the funds they have at their disposal. Le Cube provides its technical hub and staff for the purposes of artistic support, computer-assisted development and production supervision, as well as its “interaction set” for the purposes of scenography research.
A co-production agreement is drawn up between the artist and Le Cube.
If the project requires help in a specific area only – e.g. using the “interaction set” for staging research – this support can come in the shape of a partnership.


The Workshop is equipped with:
-    5 PC workstations, for real-time systems development - 3Dvia Virtools software
-    1 Macintosh multimedia station, Final Cut Pro HD
-    Optical sensors: standard webcam and infrared camera
-    Interaction set: video projection room, sound broadcasting (stereo or 5+1)

The Workshop operates in partnership with universities, research centres and cultural centres, in France and abroad.
Le Cube’s official partner, Dassault Systems, has provided the Creation Workshop with the event-driven integration software it has developed, 3DVia Virtools (video game engine).

Creation Workshop enquiries : Sabrina Deveaux
Tel: + 33 1 58 88 30 17
Fax: +33 1 58 88 30 10

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